Saturday, October 11, 2014

Things are greener...

On our side!!! Things we're looking grim a few weeks ago.....


But thankfully, that's all gone now as we've finally gotten rid of most of the dirt and replaced it with green green grass. In my last post, I said we'd decided on Sapphire soft leaf buffalo but after finding it hard to source locally we decided on Palmetto soft leaf buffelo. We are very happy with it. It was $7.50/sq metre compared to Sapphire which was between $8-9/sq metre. Here's a informative article about the difference between the two, which you'll see is not much.

We laid it the first weekend of September and luckily missed the last of the frosty mornings. We've been keeping plenty of water up to it as we've been having a few random HOT days. Just this past week, we've had lots of thick super green shoots, so think it's taken quite well. We dug all the trenches for down pipes prior to laying, so we don't have to dig any trenches in the future for them. We borrowed a friends rotary hoe which was awesome for breaking up the clayness of the soil and then topped with lots of lawn started.

Its amazing how grass can change the whole feel of our home. Certainly has improved my mood!!

1 day after we laid our turf, we welcomed our first family pooch!! She loves the grass and thankfully hasn't damaged it in those precious first few weeks.

Down the back we've created a 'children's playground' simply by boarding up the edges and filling it with bark. Here's to no more moving the trampoline and swing set every time we mow!! We are planning a vegie patch and a timber cubby in the future, as well as rendering that block shed.

Only 4.5 hours til 'The Block' finale!!!

Liz x

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  1. Beautiful yard. It's great if you can plant some fruit trees. I love reading under the trees in summer.
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